crescent rolls can change the world! 

with some leftover beef stew beef, a package of crescent rolls and some caramelized onions that i whipped up earlier that day… i decided to make some mini beef wellingtons!

now normally, beef wellingtons are made with mushrooms, but i decided to take a little bit of a liberty here and change it! next batch i make, i’ll try it with mushrooms!

mini beef wellingtons

beef stew beef
crescent roll dough
garlic (minced) 
olive oil
salt and pepper
apple juice/white wine (for cooking the onions in) 

one thing to be weary of is the size of your beef stew tips because each wellington may call for a longer or shorter cooking time so make sure to keep an eye on them. 

one of them took about 30 minutes while another required around 40-45 minutes in the oven.

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